Franito began surfing at a young age and it was not long before the Canarian youngster started to make his mark on a nationally competitive level. That’s when he decided to take a step and train alongside surfers such as Tom Carroll, Gary Elkerton and Danny Wils.

Worlds leading surf brands saw its great potential and helped him to travel the world nourishing himself with enriching experiences that would later give him the knowledge he shares with all the surfers who visit his Surf School.

He is a down to earth globe trotter and among the various adjectives that best describe him, closeness is one of them.

Do you want to ensure you have the best surf session and waves?

Franito´s expertise in Lanzarote takes you to the right surf spot at the perfect time.

His excellent reputation as a coach and competitor along with his professionalism will make the most out of each surf session, giving you the tools to achieve your goals and pushing your surf faster to the next level.